2013.4.26,Ver 0.4,在3.5.1中工作正常。

2012.3.7,Ver 0.3,在3.3.1中正常使用。

2008.1.18,Ver 0.2,使用了配置文件和语言文件 。


=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: zGia!
Donate link: http://none
Tags: plugin, birthday, baby
Requires at least: 2.3.2
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Stable tag: zgia-babyage-0.4

Show baby’s age.

== Description ==

This plugin can show your baby’s age in wp page, just like: Dear baby is 6 months and 1 days old.
Your can find it here: http://zgia.net/?p=5.
And you canemail: wuliuqiba@gmail.com.
Thanks for using the plugin.

== Installation ==

1. Unzip babyage.0.4.zip to WPDIR/wp-content/plugins/babyage/. If there is no babyage folder, please create it. You will find 5 files in it.

2. Edit config.php, and select your own language, timezone, and baby’s birthday: $bornYear, $bornMonth, $bornDay.

3. babyage uses a hook: before_sidebar to echo needed DIV. If your WP does not support the hook, please follow the step 4.

[4. Add “<div id=”babyage” style=”padding-bottom:10px;”></div>” to your theme file, such as header.php, sidebar.php, etc.]

5. Active the plugin.

== Screenshots ==

1. preview

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
Please view: http://zgia.net/?p=5.




1. 压缩包解压到WPDIR/wp-content/plugins/babyage/下,如果没有babyage文件夹,请自己建立。解压后,有5个文件。
2. 编辑config.php,可以修改:设置语言文件、时区和宝宝的出生时间:$bornYear,$bornMonth,$bornDay这些变量。
3. 0.4版本启用了一个钩子:before_sidebar,自动生成插件需要的div,如果您的wp不支持这个钩子,请查看第4步,否则,请忽略第4步。
4. 您当前使用的theme,根据您想显示的位置,编辑相应的文件,增加“<div id=”babyage” style=”padding-bottom:10px;”></div>”即可。比如我修改的是sidebar.php,这样就显示在页面的侧边栏。
5. 后台启用插件即可。


点击下载: babyage-0.4

8 thoughts on “Show baby’s age / 一个显示某人多大的wordpress插件

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  2. 找了很久,终于找到这样的插件,万分感谢。

  3. butter,您好。不知道为什么,您的wp页面,“$”符号解析错误,请您先更改一下wp安装目录的”/wp-content/plugins/babyage/babyage.php”文件,将102行的“$(‘#babyage’)”,更改为“jQuery(‘#babyage’)“。即将”$“改成”jQuery“。


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